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Safety Shopping List

Be sure you have on hand these basic food safety tools to ensure a safe and tasty feast. Check your kitchen first for these basics. Print the Safety Shopping List if you need to get anything at the store.


  • Unscented liquid bleach or sanitizing spray
  • Clean sponges
  • Clean towels
  • Paper towels
  • Dish soap
  • Hand soap
  • Brush for cleaning fruits and vegetables under running water


  • (2) clean cutting boards – (1) for meat, poultry and seafood; (1) for fruits and vegetables
  • Large rimmed baking sheet to put under turkey in refrigerator


  • Accurate food thermometer (more on types of thermometers here)
  • Aluminum foil to tent resting turkey


  • Appliance thermometers (1) for refrigerator; (1) for freezer
  • Kitchen timer to set as reminder to put food in the refrigerator
  • Shallow containers with lids for leftovers
  • Food labels for containers
  • Plastic wrap and storage bags

The non-profit Partnership for Food Safety Education saves lives and improves public health through research-based, actionable consumer food safety initiatives that reduce foodborne illness. Sign up to be a BAC Fighter at!