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Kids' Activities & Games

BAC Blaster Game

Let's Fight BAC! Help defeat harmful bacteria in this fun online interactive game.

bac blaster game

Thanksgiving Word Halves

Keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold helps keep BAC (foodborne bacteria) away.. Half of each word is missing. See if you can fill in the letters that are missing for some of the things that help make your Thanksgiving feast safe and tasty.

Food Storage Labels

Holiday leftovers are delicious! But make sure you eat them within 3-4 days. Freeze or throw away any leftovers that are still in your fridge after this time. Download and print these food storage labels and attach them to your leftovers to remind you when you need to eat, freeze or toss your food by!

These labels can be printed on Avery label template (size 5162) stickers. You can also print them on white paper, cut them out and tape them to your containers!

Download labels template

Turkey Place Cards

Help your family create a festive holiday table! You can make these turkey place cards with supplies you already have around the house!

What you will need:
- 1 sheet of construction paper or plain white paper for each guest
- Crayons or Markers
- Scissors
- Glue Stick or Glue
- Cotton Balls (Any paper or tissue product will work if you don’t have cotton balls)

- Fold the sheet of paper in half
- Use a crayon or marker to trace your hand on one side of the paper
- Cut out the hand print (you should have 2)
- Write the name of the guest across both sides of the hand print “turkey”
- Decorate the “turkey” with crayons or markers
- Spread glue half way around the edge of one of the hand prints
- Stick the other hand print to it
- Place cotton balls or tissue in between the two sheets on paper to stuff the hand print “turkey”
- Place glue along the other half so that it is sealed shut
- Lay out to dry for at least an hour

Once the turkeys have dried you can lay the placecards around your holiday table!